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Hello Friends, WRESTLING FOR HIS BLESSING Genesis 32:22 – 31 “But [Jacob] said, ‘I will not let You go unless You bless me!’” First Chronicles 4:9-10  “Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, ‘Because I bore in pain.’  And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh, that... [ Read more ]
Students experience the power of service, prayer
The sky was blue and full of sunshine on September 29 as the busyness of the day unfolded. On Multnomah’s campus, about 30 graduate and seminary students were gathering for Day of Prayer. Off campus, 150 undergraduate students were serving the neighboring community for Day of Outreach. 'A great connector' Once every fall and spring,... [ Read more ]
Founder Dr. Mitchell’s radio program still airing across the US and beyond
One of Multnomah's beloved founders, Dr. John G. Mitchell, used to host a popular radio show called "Know Your Bible Hour," which was later changed to "The Unchanging Word." This wonderful program is still airing on radio stations across the US — and even around the world. Tune in to one of the following stations for a refreshing time of... [ Read more ]
Volunteer for Holt at Winter Jam West in November!
What is Winter Jam? Winter Jam is a 10-band Christian concert tour that hits nearly 60 cities each year. It’s also one of Holt’s biggest opportunities to find and reach new child sponsors — people with a heart for the children Holt serves, willing to give $30 per month to change a child’s life., Read More The post Volunteer for Holt at... [ Read more ]
Small Groups and Community
Hello Friends, Today Seth Baker (our small groups pastor) and I hunkered down at our local watering hole (Starbucks) with our Bibles and PAUSE Bible Reading Plan. We read Psalm 107 and 2 Timothy 3 together. I love reading my Bible alone, but I REALLY love reading my Bible with others. It is great to hear the insights of others, and banter... [ Read more ]
SOUL CHECK with Pastor John
Hello Fellow Souls, If you remember, in August we had a month-long teaching series called “Soul Detox.”  One of the teachings was out of the Book of Haggai. In the New Living Translation of the Book of Haggai, we discovered four accurate dates:  August 29, September 21, October 17 and December 17.  I felt a leading of the Lord that weekend... [ Read more ]
George Fox University sets enrollment record for 26th time in 29 years
The Newberg, Ore., school eclipses the 3,900 mark, which includes more than 2,500 undergraduates NEWBERG, Ore. – For a third straight year, George Fox University established a fall record enrollment, as 3,931 students – including more than 2,500 undergraduates – are attending the Newberg, Ore., institution. The total eclipsed last year’s... [ Read more ]
Liza Needs A Family!
There is no doubt that every child deserves a family. Every child deserves the love and attention of doting parents, to fall asleep feeling safe and warm, to feel special and celebrated. And then there is Liza — a bright-eyed, smiley and ambitious 8-year-old little girl — who has been waiting for a family of, Read More The post Liza Needs A... [ Read more ]
Orphanage Partnerships in China Bolster Special Needs Adoption
Holt’s social work manager for the China program, Marissa Leuallen, explains how Holt helped to develop China’s “one-to-one” program — unique agency-orphanage partnerships designed to find families for the many older children and children with special needs living in China’s social welfare system. Over the past decade, those of... [ Read more ]
For Children From Hard Places, Is Love Enough to Heal?
Holt now offers classes in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), a parenting approach for adopted children — particularly those who have experienced early childhood trauma. Many people believe that if they love a child enough, the child will be able to let go of all their past abuse and neglect and settle into being a, Read More The post... [ Read more ]
Why Holt Camp is Special
Steve Kalb, Holt’s director of adoptee services, shares what drew him to lead Holt’s camp program — and what’s sustained his enthusiasm over the past 11 years.  During my freshman year at the University of Iowa in 1995, a friend of mine suggested we become camp counselors at one of the local United Methodist, Read More The... [ Read more ]
Our Son, However He Comes to Us
In the following story, the Shardell family shares about their experience adopting a boy through China’s “Special Focus” program — a program for children with more involved special medical or developmental needs, many of whom we advocate for on the Holt photolisting. Before referring children to families, we do all that we can to, Read... [ Read more ]
Small Groups
Hello Friends, Life happens in small groups It is easy to get lost in the crowd, in the world of instant messaging and social media one can feel isolated an alone. However life is not meant to be lived alone, God never intended for us to be alone. He created for Adam, Eve so that they could do life together. The trinity itself of Father, Son... [ Read more ]
Growing Their Confidence
Through a community-based gardening program, Holt’s partner agency in Thailand provides vulnerable children and families an outlet for enhancing their self-esteem and providing for their community. Since 1998, Holt Sahathai Foundation, in an effort to strengthen families and help children thrive, has provided a community-based gardening... [ Read more ]
Watch the 2015 All College Retreat video
Every fall, MU students kick off the semester with a weekend getaway at Washington Family Ranch. The retreat is a perfect opportunity to glean wisdom from a medley of speakers, make new friends, and jump start the school year with a whole lot of fun. A big thanks to our Student Life team, who were instrumental in making this retreat a wonderful... [ Read more ]
George Fox University invites alumni, families to campus celebrations in October
Homecoming and Family Weekend events scheduled Oct. 9-10 and Oct. 30-31 NEWBERG, Ore. – George Fox University will host two celebrations in October, inviting all alumni to its Newberg, Ore., campus for homecoming festivities Oct. 9-10, and all families of students for Family Weekend at the end of the month, Oct. 30-31. Homecoming will include... [ Read more ]
George Fox hosts ‘Keyboard Celebration Week’ with two free concerts
A concert featuring the organ, piano and percussion Sept. 20 will be followed by an “Encounters with Beethoven” event four days later NEWBERG, Ore. – The public is invited to George Fox University for a free concert featuring three experienced musicians showcasing their talents on the organ, piano and percussion on Sunday, Sept. 20, in the... [ Read more ]
Rush Emergency Food to Children in North Korea
  Dear Friend, Thousands of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in North Korea are in desperate need of our help simply to survive. Their situation is so critical that our partner orphanages are requesting our urgent help to rush food and lifesaving essentials to help these precious children who are at risk of severe, Read More The... [ Read more ]
Hello Friends, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10 Fear: one of the enemy’s most potent weapons against us.  Worry, anxiety and fear can overwhelm us and keep us in a paralyzed position,... [ Read more ]
A Return Home; A Known and Unknown Journey
Holt adoptee Ling O’Donoghue shares about her experience on the 2015 Holt China Tour. Looking back on the Holt China tour, I feel that it went beyond all my expectations. I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since I was little. It was a dream come true, allowing me to experience my culture,, Read More The post A Return Home; A Known... [ Read more ]
We Are Now Recruiting Families for Holt’s Second Ambassador trip to China!
Help Holt Find Families for Older Children in Beijing! How You Can Help — Join us in Beijing! Families often ask how they can help Holt advocate for vulnerable children, and we are thrilled to offer this unique approach. During the first week of November, Marissa Leuallen, Holt’s social work manager for China, will, Read More The post We Are... [ Read more ]
George Fox University hosts dedication ceremony for newly named ‘Roberts Center’
The Sept. 28 event will feature guests Arthur and Fern Roberts, who are being honored for their 60-plus years of service to the institution NEWBERG, Ore. – George Fox University is honoring longtime professor Arthur Roberts and wife Fern with the renaming of one of its academic buildings this fall. A special dedication ceremony for the newly... [ Read more ]
All Together
Hello Friends, ALL TOGETHER NOW Are you like me?  Do you love the beginning of autumn? Now comes the time of year when many of us get together again.  Fellowship is ignited.  School begins.  It’s a time to sharpen our focus.  It’s kickoff time.  Time to huddle up, put your hand in the middle, and add your enthusiastic voice to the... [ Read more ]
Different dreams, one purpose: Students from all over the world join MU
Students with different dreams and goals arrived on campus last week. Some had included MU in their plans for years, while others made last-minute decisions to attend. But regardless of their backgrounds, all of our new students desire a higher purpose in their careers. They look to their faith to infuse meaning in all they do. Miguel Ruiz... [ Read more ]
The best days are ahead
“Now Moses was 80 years old, and Aaron 83 years old, when they spoke to Pharaoh.” Exodus 7:7 Dear Multnomah family, The significance of this simple verse is often overlooked. Moses had been through a lot up until this point in his life. But at 80 years old, he was just getting started! The exodus from Egypt, the wilderness wanderings and the... [ Read more ]
Local Schools
Banner Image:  school.jpg Tagline:  Ministry flows best out of relationship. Ministry flows best out of relationship. This principle is really true when it comes to ministering in your local school. Every school... [ Read more ]
Four Month Soul Challenge
Hello Friends, For the month of August our church has been looking closely at our SOULS in an extended teaching series called “Soul Detox.” I trust you’ve benefited from these messages (as I know I have from teaching them). If you’ve missed any or want to review, visit the Resource Tab at There you’ll find audio and video... [ Read more ]
George Fox University closes campus for day so 1,900-plus students, staff can serve communities
University’s 17th annual Serve Day on Sept. 9 will assist organizations, churches and elderly in Yamhill, Clackamas, Marion, Washington and Multnomah counties NEWBERG, Ore. – For a 17th straight year, George Fox University is closing its doors for a day to allow students, staff and faculty to assist nonprofits, public agencies, churches,... [ Read more ]
Watch our new global studies major video
The global studies program equips students for a deep commitment to understanding and engaging in the global issues affecting our world today. "You don't have to wait to put things into practice...this program connects you with people working in cross-cultural settings right now," says global studies major Kevin Perry. "It's all about... [ Read more ]
Childlike Faith
Hello Friends, A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to serve at kids camp with our awesome Kids Ministries team.  My cabin co-leader Kelsey and I were blessed to hang out with 10 awesome 3rd grade girls and we had so much fun.  We played in the pool, made crafts, loaded up at the candy shack, played games, and gathered around a big round... [ Read more ]